CHAIR combines acousmatic music and butoh.
It is a duo formed of Alexandre Bellenger (sounds) and Marek Jason Isleib (moves).
They have together developped and written a live performance called CHAIR.
CHAIR was first created in october 2016 at Le Cube in Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) during the second edition of the festival EN CHAIR ET EN SON.

CHAIR was performed again in june 2017 in Paris at Théâtre du Temps.

Alexandre Bellenger

Born in Créteil (Fr-94) in 1975. He is turntablist, guitar and analog synthesizer player. He is active on the scenes of noise, improvised and experimental music since 2000. He has played or recorded with Noël Akchoté, Oliver Augst, Jac Berrocal, Rüdiger Carl, Chris Corsano, Sven-Åke Johansson, Yoshihide Otomo, Arnaud Rivière or Torger Turner. He is also the founder of the magazine My Precious Trash. His visual works have been published in the magazines Dazed & Confused, Bad to the Bone, InFringe or DDmag.

Marek Jason Isleib was born in 1968 in Berlin. He graduated from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague/ The Netherlands as a Classical and Modern dancer in 1990. He has worked professionally for 25 years in The Netherlands and Germany in the field of classical ballet, modern dance and improvisation (Komische Oper Berlin, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Nederlandse Opera, many short term projects in Holland and Germany). Along his path he studied thoroughly mime, Contact Improvisation, various forms of modern dance, Yoga (8 years), TaiChi (7 years) and Feldenkrais. In 2000 he discovered Butoh. Since then he has studied and worked with masters such as Hisako Horikawa, Katsura Kan and others. Freeing himself from the forms of movement that he has accumulated during his career he now mostly concentrates and practices Butoh.

Concert note about the composition of the music of CHAIR for the second edition of the festival «En chair et en son».
One voice. One body. I went for it like this. It came very quick. It seemed evident to me. Why tergiversate, wheel around, grind, bother, conceptualize, complicate, intellectualize, when one has, in one instant, an idea ? There is, for sure, some bad ideas. Some that come quick. Some that we do not put in application. But sometimes, it can work. Why not ? That is the way it went. I thought in one single instant that what I wanted to do was a composition on one single track, with one main sound. A voice. I then directly moved away the idea of a multitrack composition. Constructed. Elaborated. Narrative. I thought about a body. I thought in dimension. I thought, referring to Jacques Lacan, in dit-mension. I thought voice. In order to accompany a body. I have played with a voice, printed on a vinyle record. I have manipulated it, I have grinded it. I have played it. I have played it, with my body. It was very physical. Already all in movement. And then the doubt. I thought it would not be enough. That it was really too simple. Then I made some trials, added percussions, some bass background, here and there. But it was not working. I was losing what I had found. It was then evident. It was really what I wanted. This voice, alone, deep, ugly and grotesque. Political ? There was three words that had gained my attention in the festival proposal : ugly, grotesque, political. The ugly grostesque politicians will get value for money ! Because this voice is growling. It is muttering. It is shouting. It is yelling. It is calling. It seems to suffocate, to run out of breath sometimes. This voice has got no claim. Only, maybe, the one to be heard, and to give something to hear. What ? What might be the effect of sound on a body, on the flesh. What there is about the difficulty to live, as a talking being, with a body, alive, and who is concerned by jouissance.
AB – april 2016