Since 2001: BOBBY MOO

Bobby Moo is a weird character. I have no idea really where he is from. Miho, Arnaud Rivière and myself met him in 2000. We started to collaborate in early 2001.

Bobby has travelled and displayed his music in Geneva at Cave 12, also in the Netherlands in Breda and even in Belgium at Louvain-la-Neuve which is a different Louvain than the Louvain where Jacques Lacan gave his famous speech in 1972.

Bobby has also been seen quite many times in Paris at the late Falaises squat in the 18th, at the POP IN, during the PLACARD headphones festival, at Batofar & Église St-Merry and also at their headquarter in Montreuil’s Instants Chavirés. Yeah.

This is where Mister Moo and his teammates celebrated Bobby’s 10 years anniversary.

He’s the trace :

Bobby Moo once recorded with Sachiko M. but he was tired that day and he fell asleep and the recording was unluckily unusable.

But in february 2004 Bobby felt in much better shape again. He fulfilled an instect like quiet and sizzled track in studio and another piece was recorded live at Console in Paris on a pretty hot night.

Those two tracks became an album called A D V E N T U R E S. It has been released and published as a discret stylished white vinyl on TEXTILE Records.

I’ve also made a 100 seconds piece called REVELATIONS only using from Bobby Moo’s various private sessions, rehearsal (?) or concerts tracks for the GALERIE PACHE 100 compilation.

It’s available here :

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